Great Reviews for Examined Lives!


Amidst all the books being published today it is hard to get a self-published book like Examined Lives reviewed.  There are, however, professional review services which take on the task for a small fee. I have followed this route with three major services that specialize in reviewing self-published books: Blueink Review, Foreword Clarion and Kirkus Indie. You are not guaranteed a good review and they will, therefore, only publish a review with the author’s approval.  The author may not alter the wording in quoting the review.

From the start I had determined that I would publish the reviews no matter what. I felt that only fair to the reading public.

I am very happy to say that I have received great reviews from Blueink Review ( and Foreword Clarion (  I am still awaiting the Kirkus Indie review. Fingers crossed

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